09 Mar 2014

Tips on Scoring $1 Bus Tickets

Tips on finding coveted $1 bus tickets.

This is Part 2 of the 3-part Bus Booking Optimization Guide:

Companies like Boltbus and Megabus are notorious for selling coveted $1 bus tickets. I’ve gotten a few myself on otherwise pretty expensive routes, like San Francisco to Los Angeles.

If you’re aiming for scoring one of these tickets, consider the following tips:

I. Book 31-90 days in advance.

Busbud analyzed the probability of finding a $1 ticket by analyzing 1 million+ departures and found the following:

“The probability of finding a $1 bus ticket increases when you search a month in advance, hovering near the 4% mark when you search 31 days in advance, and reaches its peak with around the 90 day mark. The data becomes less reliable between 90 and 120 days as fewer people search that far in advance.”

Unlike other carriers, Greyhound specifically offers $1 buses only 31 days in advance and not any earlier.


If the tickets are in fact in the $1-$5 price range, it’s well worth booking multiple dates if you aren’t sure when you’re traveling, instead of booking a $20-$30 ticket at the last minute.

II. Have a strategic travel window.

Friday and Sunday travel tend to be more expensive, as well as holidays and weekend times so weekday trips are generally best. Check all dates in that travel window across all bus sites on Wanderu.

III. Tuesdays or Wednesdays tend to be cheaper.

According to Busbud, you’re more likely to snag a $1 bus ticket set to travel on a Tuesday or Wednesday than a Friday or weekend, simply because demand for weekend dates are higher.

IV. Join the Dollar Bus Club

The Dollar Bus Club is a free email alert which emails you when a $1 bus fare was found in your city. Pretty neat!

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