01 Aug 2014

Optimizing Bus Bookings by Carrier

A quick explanation on the perks of one carrier over another.

This is Part 3 of the 3-Part Bus Booking Optimization Guide:

If it’s imperative your bus arrives on time. . .

Avoid Megabus and aim for Boltbus (first choice) or Greyhound/Peter Pan.

Discount buses are all likely to be late. That’s simply the nature of the sector. For every carrier, you’ll find hordes of people who can attest to a late bus.

Personally, when I’m tight on time, I never book Megabus and exclusively opt for Boltbus and maybe Greyhound/Peter Pan if the price difference is that great. In my experience, Megabus has had a delay (defined as any departure 30 minutes or later than the stated time) about 40% of the time, but does tend to have cheaper prices. With Boltbus, I’ve never had a departure that was more than 30 minutes late. Greyhound has been somewhere in the middle for me.

If you have way over-sized baggage or too many bags. . .

Avoid Greyhound,Peter Pan, and Megabus, and opt for Boltbus.

Greyhound is incredibly strict on their baggage policies and is far more likely to charge you for excess luggage items/size/weight.

Boltbus has you load the luggage in yourself so they don’t even notice your luggage count or weight.

Megabus has an operator load the luggage and does complain if it’s overweight, but isn’t as formal as Greyhound in terms of weighing the luggage.

If you are likely to miss your bus or might need to re-schedule the date/time. . .

Avoid Greyhound and opt for Megabus or Boltbus.

Greyhound requires a flat $20 re-booking fee for changing the date or time of a ticket or re-booking a ticket if you’ve missed your bus and need to get on the next one. If you need to re-schedule in advance of the booking, Megabus allows you to credit the cost of your previous booking to a new booking, minus a $3 re-booking fee. Pretty sweet! Boltbus is also pretty lenient about re-bookings as customers explain they’ve been able to receive credit or an exchange for a ticket.

If you like to arrive fashionably late for your buses. . .

Avoid Greyhound/Peter Pan and Boltbus which tend to leave on the dot, and opt for Megabus which is often delayed.


If you want free wifi. . .

Get a train. The wifi is pretty crappy on all bus carriers. 😛

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