19 May 2018

My Experience Doing Insanity: 63 Day Workout Challenge

After the first 2 months of Insanity / getting fit, these are my learned lessons.

What’s Insanity Like?

A ton of cardio - specifically, cardio and plyometric drills. The intensity is pretty damn high - expect to be sweating pretty hard at the end.

But on the plus side, you do it at home, with no equipment or weights (yay!).

Quite frankly, it’s a challenge for both those who are fit and those who aren’t; if you already have a six-pack, you will max out in this workout, perhaps just later than someone who’s less fit.

Why Insanity?

  • It’s one of the hardest fitness programs out there - if I can do Insanity, I can pretty much do anything
  • No equipment or weights needed!
  • Shaun T is a really awesome and sweet personal trainer

Time Required

Insanity is a 63 day workout challenge:

  • 1 month of alternativing Insanity workouts
  • 1 recovery week
  • 1 month of Insanity MAX workouts.

In the first month, most workouts are 45 minutes or less. Plus, there’s 1 yoga day + 1 day of rest!

The second month’s workouts are killer; about 1 hour - 1.5 hour workouts at a much higher intensity. But at that point, you’ve trained your body to handle it. You still get your 1 yoga day + 1 day of rest!

What Were Your Results Like?

Endurance & Strength Every 2 weeks, you take a Fit Test, where you try to do as many sets of certain exercises in a 1 minute time interval.

By the end, I had effectively doubled my endurance – in every exercise I did twice as many exercises on Day 63 as on Day 1.

I remember, after each Fit Test, thinking, “there is no way I can beat that number next time”. But I always did, because it really, really does make you grow stronger.

Overall Verdict

I loved it! If you generally like cardio + are looking for an efficient body overhaul, I’d highly recommend Insanity. It’s a great introduction to ‘the fitness world’ and is built to accommodate people who aren’t currently fit.

Because it’s an hour long, by the end, you’ll be ‘trained’ to see hour long workouts as the ‘normal’. And because it’s a famous workout, there’s also a ton of online support - I’d highly recommend joining the Facebook group here.

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