23 Jan 2018

The Beginner's Guide to Couchsurfing - How to Couchsurf

A multi-part guide on how to Couchsurf.

Welcome to the Beginner’s Couchsurfing Guide!

Having backpacked and couchsurfed in 28 countries, I’ve learned the ins and outs of the system and have taken the time to write them down in an 8 part guide. But I’m just one human. So, to add to my knowledge, I’ve also interviewed a number of more experienced Couchsurfers (e.g. 200+ reviewed Couchsurfers) for their tips and insights, which are included in this guide as well. You won’t find a guide that’s better or more comprehensive.

The hardest part about Couchsurfing is undoubtedly getting started. You want to get hosted. But you have no reviews. How do you get hosts if hosts only accept people with reviews? Seems like quite the closed circle. It can be, and a number of people struggle to find hosts on Couchsurfing. That being said, if you take the time to read through the guide, by the end, you’ll have no trouble whatsoever.

This guide covers a ton of stuff. Skip around to what’s most useful for you:

If you’re totally new to Couchsurfing: read more about what it is and how it works here.

If you already have a good sense of what Couchsurfing is and just want to know how to write better requests: skip the overview and head to Getting Started and What Hosts Want.