Project Hustle

Hustling is my hobby.

Specifically, self-developmental / boundary-pushing side hustles and life projects.

Identity is simply an integration of action over time.

So here's my theory. Improvement is nothing more than repeating a set of actions, day in and day out, until that identity emerges in retrospect. In other words, achievement and identity are dynamic; they depend not on who we were, but what we choose to do next.

This is a philosophy I live by.

I take a goal I want to achieve, craft it into a fun, boundary-pushing project and push myself to finish it over some set interval of time. It’s led to some pretty awesome achievements (emotional resilience development, becoming a technologist, solo-backpacking 30+ countries, becoming fit, giving a TEDx talk) but most importantly, it's given me a framework that makes goal achievement actually fun and easy.

Below are some of the projects & challenges I’ve worked on. Enjoy and feel free to reach out and say hi!

Project: Productivity

Efficient systems which have worked well for me.

  •   Optimizing a Car Purchase - Templates for all the Calculations
  •   Time Systems: A Guide on Organizing Time
  •   Note Organization: A Systematic Approach to Organize the Million Notes You Have
  •   Accountability Theory: Getting Stuff Done Despite Little Motivation
  •   Keeping in Touch: A Systematic Approach to Maintaining a Network
  •   Goals: A Systematic Approach to Organizing & Prioritizing Them
  •   The 999th Productivity Guide The Internet Has But Never Wanted
  •   The Most Useful Productivity Insights I've Come Across
  •   Learning Regularly Despite a Busy Schedule
  • Project: Travel

    Thoughts on solo-backpacking 6 continents and 30 countries on a budget.

  •   Photos From 6 Continents & 30 Countries Abroad
  •   You Couchsurf? What's that?
  •   The Beginner's Guide to Couchsurfing - How to Couchsurf
  •   Isn’t Couchsurfing Dangerous For Women?
  •   How to Write a Great Couchsurfing Request
  •   Getting Started and What Couchsurfing Hosts Want
  •   How to Make Sure Your Couchsurfing Experience is 100% Safe
  •   What *Not* to Do in Couchsurfing Requests
  •   How to Write a Great Couchsurfing Profile
  •   Optimizing Bus Bookings by Carrier
  •   Tips on Scoring $1 Bus Tickets
  •   Bus Booking Optimization Guide
  • Project: TEDx

    Thoughts on the process and learned lessons of giving a TEDx talk.

    Coming soon.