Project Hustle

Hustling is my hobby.

Specifically, self-developmental / boundary-pushing side hustles and life projects.

Welcome, have fun, and say hi at [email protected].

Identity is simply an integration of action over time.

So here's my theory. Improvement is nothing more than repeating a set of actions, day in and day out, until that identity emerges in retrospect. In other words, achievement and identity are dynamic; they depend not on who we were, but what we choose to do next.

This is a philosophy I live by.

I take a goal I want to achieve, craft it into a fun, boundary-pushing project and push myself to finish it over some set interval of time. It’s led to some pretty awesome achievements (emotional resilience development, becoming a technologist, solo-backpacking 30+ countries, becoming fit, giving a TEDx talk) but most importantly, it's given me a framework that makes goal achievement actually fun and easy.

If you like this theory and are interested in learning how to apply it to your life to achieve certain goals, I'm in the midst of writing a piece on that - available here. Otherwise, below are some of the projects & challenges I’ve worked on. Enjoy!

Project: TEDx

Thoughts on the process and learned lessons of giving a TEDx talk.

Coming soon.

Project: Reading

I usually read 2-4 books a month and have recently started writing lessons learned from them. These are 5 minute insights from top non-fiction literature.

  •   Book Insights & Summary | Born a Crime: Stories from a South African Childhood by Trevor Noah
  •   Book Insights & Summary | Sapiens by Yuval Noah Harari
  •   Book Insights & Summary | Relentless: From Good to Great to Unstoppable
  •   Book Insights & Summary | Shoe Dog - Creator of Nike's Autobiography
  •   Books I've Read and The 6 I'd Recommend
  • Project: Productivity

    Efficient time use is something I've always thought about and focused on improving. These are systems I use which have worked super well for me.

  •   Accountability Theory - Getting Stuff Done Despite Having Little Motivation
  •   Too Many Goals? Organizing & Prioritizing Them
  •   The 999th Productivity Guide The Internet Has But Never Wanted
  •   Guide on Organizing Time
  •   The Most Useful Productivity Insights I've Come Across
  •   Note Organization Guide - Organizing the Million Notes You Have